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Friday, March 11, 2011

Liz Hicks

I'm fortunate to have not one, but two wonderful local scrapbook stores. The big box stores serve their purpose, but there's nothing like a place with the personal touch!

I had the opportunity to take a class at She Scrapbooks, taught by Liz Hicks.
After I'd booked the class, I got a voicemail letting me know that day was Mardi Gras at the Villages, and I might want to leave early. (There's that personal touch)

Having been to that event in the past, I knew what kind of a crowd they get. I got there at 2pm....for a 6pm class! No, I'm not certifiable,  I'd talked to a dear friend, she came by in her golf cart, and we went out for lunch. We were lucky to make it back in time! What a zoo. Not quite New Orleans, but a bigger crowd than I'm used to!

It's a lovely shop with lots of wonderful goodies to choose from.

 There are quotes on the walls.

Here's a close up of one of my favorites.

The staff is friendly and helpful. That's Liz in the middle, and a little sneak peak of the project we worked on on the left.
Just a few of the students. I was so excited when class started that I forgot to get a pic of the whole crowd.

 I had a bit of a hard time getting started. After I'd attached the sun, and was placing the house, I realized I had the canvas upside down. Green sky, blue grass? That's why they call me Scatter. ;)

Paint being what it is, I just repainted over it. I didn't quite finish in class, so I brought it home and added a couple of touches of  my own.

This stamp called out to me.

And because our house, is a very, very, very fine house, we had to have two cats in the yard.

I made the cats with stamps, pens, and shrink plastic.

Hubby was so pleased with it, that he hung it just inside the door, so everyone will see it when they come in. That made me feel good!

Hey, if you took this class, and have photo of your project, I'd love to see it.

Much thanks to Liz and the staff at She. I had a great time!

Oh, and 'She' is located at Sumter Landing in the Villages. If you're in Central Florida, it's worth the trip!!

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