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Sunday, April 10, 2011

If I get to come back...

I want to come back as Abby, of NCIS!

This was a prompt from Wild Precious to use a paper doll. The background is done with little squares of watercolor crayons then rollered over with purple paint, most of which I  wiped off.

Why Abby?

  •  She's gorgeous
  • Has incredible computer skills
  • Cares for people, and they for her
  • She works in forensic science.
  • She's also comfortable in her own skin.

PS, yes, I know she's a fictional character!! But she's so cool!

Scattered Thoughts
If you pat Belle,
she'll take you to the Home Page.


Trece said...

I'm SO there!!! But I think I'd want to be McGee, since there's no way I could hack it as Ziva!!

Scatter said...

LOL Good second choice!

sarah-anne said...

Another great image. If I could come back, I'd want to be... me, who I am now, just a whole lot sooner and without all the heartache and stupid decisions it took to get to this point of being me.