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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Please vote for the Octopode Factory.

My name is Scatter and I'm an Octonut!! (my own made up word)

I love these little guys. I first came across them at Mandy's Magical World of Art. I just ordered 5 of the collage sheets. I'll be working with them this week.  I'm so excited to have finally bought them!

Lilly from the Octopde Factory would love to have you vote for her in the TOP 100 digital stamping sites. The button is on the right side of her blog!

If you haven't visited yet.(and I'd like to know why not?!) Stop by and take a look at the new Captain Jack she's designed!! She' also  gonna have some wild David Bowie stamps coming soon!

Her Etsy shop is here she has both digital and rubber stamps available. Go ahead, have some fun today!

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