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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Take me to the ocean...

This journal page came together in the strangest way.

I'd been wanting to do a page about the beach/ocean for some time now. I grew up one mile from the beach. Now I'm over an hour away and don't get there often. I'm not one to lay in the sun, I just like to 'be'. Day or night it really doesn't matter. There's just something about the enormity of the sky and sea meeting.  It's the place that can make me still and quiet inside.

During my daily travels, I ended up at The Scrappy Tree. They have an Art Journal Friday Challenge. This week it was simply to use orange, purple and/or gold in honor of summer. I took a mental note and...omg... it stuck!!

Tee did a background demo that inspired me at Green Isle Crafts.

Bare with me, I'm getting there.... I'd also signed up to follow a free class at Strathmore Studios (the art paper people) The class involves using your old art to make new. I don't really have much to pick from, I just printed a few of my past journal pages, ripped and tore, and made the waves.

I used some Glimmer Mist, some Stickles, Punchenilla, acryilic paint, and even a few stamps.

I'd written a few keywords on a post-it that came to me while working. Those turned into the journaling/poem of sorts. I wrote on a piece of transparency and hit the back of it with some white paint.

If you click on the picture it will enlarge, but you probably won't be able to read the words. (Unless your Daddy was a Doctor and you're much younger than me.) Here they are....

Take me to the Ocean, take me to the sea
Let me close my eyes, let me breath deeply.
I listen to the surf, it's like she's breathing too.
I'm connected to the universe, all my pain is gone
I see how small my troubles are, I feel at one with you.
Take me to the Ocean take me to the sea
That is where I need to go when I need to find me.

This really was a blast to work on. It touched me in so many ways.

I can't thank all the bloggers, group owners, videographers and others out there, who share their ideas and techniques. I've really picked up a lot since I started this whole art journal thing in January. Thanks Julie!!

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Tee Thompson said...

Wellllll from another beach gal.. I think it's awesome. I didn't grow up near the beach, but I'm here now and here I'll stay.

I can almost deconstruct it and see the techniques used.. but who wants to?? It's too cool as it is! So I'll just look at it and enjoy it.


sarah playle said...

I love the composition, the way the persons head is obscured by the cloud. I don't exactly live by the 'beach' but I definitly live by the ocean. Actually, only about 30 min. walk away in fact. note to self: start spending some more time at the ocean.

Gez said...

Beautiful, beautiful pages. Such touching words. Thank you for sharing.xx

lori vliegen said...

your journal page is perfect! i love your ocean color palette, too! i'm glad you had so much fun creating this.....that's what it's all about! have a fabulous weekend! xo

milkcan said...

What a wonderful page! The ocean is just so super fab!

Shelley Malone said...

This is BEAUTIFUL!! I'm totally landlocked where I live so the beach feels like a magical adventure to me. Your colours really add to that feeling!

Trece said...

I so related to what you wrote. I think I need to do a sea page, since that is where I feel most alive, and ache to be.