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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is one rocking project.

There's nothing like making something from nothing! I just love these!

Head on over to Beach probably don't need instuctions for this project, but Simone's got a great blog!

Beach Vintage: Project Day: Beach Stone Artwork

Special thanks to one of the coolest sites,  Dollar Store Crafts for featuring this project!

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Tee Thompson said...

so cool! I really like these.

To answer your question on my blog:
Hey Scatter! I take it with me. I only have one set of the neocolor and inktense pencils and I often want them when I'm working on stuff at home... BUT now that it's portable.. I can art on the deck in the yard or in the living room a lot easier.

I tuck my wallet in there where the journals go and carry this baby with me everywhere. You never know when the urge to art will strike.