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Monday, June 13, 2011

Art Journal

Here's a strange event. On May 30th A Year in the Life of an Art Journal posted their prompt
The The Prompt: Faith
The Song: Heaven help me by Gretchen Wilson
Product/Technique: Wings
Here's the video.

 I started working on the background of ths page right away, and had decided on the lyric I wanted to use.
Then...then...are you ready...I went off the deep end. Really truly, locked up ala Grandma Interrupted for 5 days. I needed it (well 4 may have done it) but I was out there.
A little medication change...well, a big medication change, and now I feel like life is worth living again.
So this prompt and lyric turned out to be very important to me. Thanks Year in the Life!!
Here's my take

*shudder* weird timing eh?
Why post the gorey details? Life has pretty much always been an open book. And if I tell you first, it won't sneek up and bite me in the butt when I'm not looking.

I'm going to thin out my Blog Reader list. Concentrate on several sites for info and support. For the sake of my mental health (or lack thereof). I have to take care of me now.

Then there's the rest of the story but it's not mine to tell, someone near and dear is in the hospital having a cardiac cath today. Send up some good thoughts for us if you're so inclined.

I still need to go bsck a couple of months and do that Manic Monday prompt, 'cause today is it!!

Have a good one!

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rachel whetzel said...

HUGS HUGS AND MORE HUGS!! Your page is beautiful. I'm glad you shared the story that goes with it. You are NOT alone. May healing continue to find you!!

Sarah-Anne said...

Thanks for sharing this. And taking care of your own health is always first priority. I have been MIA the last couple of weeks because of doing just that...and I'm now deciding to work more fully on my hartfulsoul blog and let birdflyingnorth die for now. I just don't have it in me to continue writing slice of life stories at this point.

Marit said...

Like Rachel said, you are NOT alone! I'm sending good vibes to you and your loved ones. Pouring your trouble onto art journal pages can be such a release (you don't always have to share those pages on your blog you know...) I'm glad you shared this one though, 'cause it's really gorgeous!

Ashley said...

Thank you so much for sharing! :) I loved it and I can't wait for our traveling journals to start! You're awesome, keep your head up!

Glenda T. said...

Thank you for sharing and I looovveeee that you haven't lost your sense of humour!! Just the fact that you are able to joke about it speaks volumes!! It's what has saved me many a time!! Great page!!

Scatter said...

Thanks all. I'm looking forward to the traveling art journal project too! I got a little to carried away with too many projects, There are several near and dear that I'll never give up. This is one! ;)

Cynthia Hanna said...

I love this page and the little pocket with tags! Beautiful - both the page and the sentiments/story that goes with it. I'll be looking forward to seeing your work in our 'The Elements of Art Journaling' class :)