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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Journal's Journey

Like me in the old days, my jeans only slightly adorned. Ready for the tough trail ahead. ;)

I hand made the journal (first time, not my last, so love the way it came out). I need to get a few shots with the camera from the other angle.

It will be sent from person to person. 21 in all. Everyone will do a page or two and pass it on. How cool is that.

I'll fancy it up some when it comes home.

The theme of my journal is music. I want the person doing their page to journal about a song/lyric they like or, that speaks to them. I did the first page to get things started. 
My song is by David Allen Coe, 'Would you be my lady'. You can find the lyrics here. It's such a beautiful song. Here's the lyric that always grabbed me.

 click to enlarge

Now, David Allan is quite interesting himself. I'd refer to him as an outlaw biker. He wrote Take this Job and Shove It. I think everyone's heard of that one.

He's also written many that I wouldn't link to from here. (My Sister might see) Now my Brother probably knows all the lyrics. ;D

Bon Voyage to my little handmade journal, have a wonderful trip.

I'll be waiting for you to come home and tell me all your wonderful stories!

I've just recieved the album from the person who is before me on the list. Her theme is pets. Mmmm, wonder what I'll do!

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Pinky said...

Wow that is just beautiful! I love it!