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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Productive day, getting ready!

Today I did this page. To remind myself no matter what goes on around me, I can choose to be happy.
Then I did a bunch of backgrounds, trying to get out of my deep and dark phase.

I carved a stamp and did a background. I really need to do more of this. I love the look of handmade stamps.

I'm ready for tomorrow's beginning of the Elements Art Journal Course. The Fabulous Ms Effy has been teasing us. We've spent a lot of time getting to know each other while waiting for this class. Effy's posted video, given a sample course. We've been flinging glitter and having fun in the forum!! 

I think my poor little brain has had all it can take for one day. Good night all. Remember, it's not too late to join us!

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