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Thursday, July 7, 2011


I've just finished the Orientation Week at Effy's Elements of Art Journaling Course. We've made our covers for our journals.

Did you notice the recycled bread tags I used for tabs for the different elements?

 We did some 'Clustering' or brainstorming with the elements. (yep I know it's a mess, just like my brain at the moment). It may very well get completely redone before I''m  done.

We were also supposed to gather some pictures together that remind us of the elements.
I made a pocket page in the front of the book to save those till I find where they will go. Just for good measure, I made a 'background' page for some of those pictures.

I'm anxious for next week. Ready to delve deeper into this journey.

Interested in joining in?

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mel said...

those bread tags are such a COOL idea!! i'm totally going to steal that! LOL

i love the background you made...text and butterflies...yeppers, that's brilliant stuff.


Dawn said...

So lovely scatter loving the papers you have used with the butterfly's just lush

Love Dawn xx

Effy said...

Lovely wrap up, Scatter~ I'm sure as the weeks progress you will feel a little less 'scattered'! At least in relation to the elements. <3

Scatter said...

Gotta thank Hubby for saving the bread tags. I'd never remember. It was cool that I had them in all the right colors.
Oh, and I can't take credit for the background with the text and the butterfiles. It's a dcwv paper. I really need to get better at writing my descriptions.

Scatter said...

Oh sweet Effy, I suppose anything is possible.