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Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY Dollar Store Illuminated Pumpkin | Recaptured Charm

You have to go to this site to see the cheap inexpensive way to make this amazingly beautiful pumpkin!!!
2037-12-04 Illuminated String Pumpkin 041a
  (can't use the word cheap for anything this lovely!)
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Lisa said...

haha... I use the word 'cheap' all the time! Thanks for the shout out!

bohemiannie! art said...

:) - Here in Colombia the word for cheap is barrato but I mostly find that when I use it, I'm gently corrected with..."mas economico"?

Kristin said...

Pickled Pink and Barbed Wire! LOVE it - thank you for your sweet comment today and for sharing this link - I will definitely check it out! Kristin xo

The coffee addicted author.... said...

Finally, I'm back to keeping up with blogs and commenting (while drinking coffee in that a a surprise?:P) The pumpkin is great! What a wonderful fall display. I must try this