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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Butterfly Rainforest

Here's Ember learning how much fun 7 years old can be. We went to The Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainsville Florida, where the have one of the largest butterfly collections in the world.

We walked through the gardens, that had an amazing collection of plants. There were thousands of butterflies flitting all around. It was breathtaking!!

I know this old broad could have done without the 93.9 °F with 57% humidity. Still, I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

From Butterfly Rainforest

From Butterfly Rainforest
From Butterfly Rainforest

From Butterfly Rainforest

Sere's one of Ember's favorites. It's a giant sloth!
she wanted the photo to look like she was being attacked!

There were also a skeletons from a mastodon, a woolly mammoth and a giant sloth!!

Ember says this one must have been Sid's (from Ice Age) big brother.

From Butterfly Rainforest

It was a terrific day!

I've got a slideshow for those who want to see more!

We wish everyone could have the opportunity to enjoy a trip to the Museum!

Here's their offical link!

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