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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goodbye Joe!!

Today is August 8th. It's a special day for me. A young person I knew many years ago died on Aug 8th. I think of her every's an easy date to remember.

The day evolved into being my very own "New Years Eve". The day I evaluate life. Many years I've made big changes on that day. *waves to a couple of ex-husbands*

Two years ago , Hubby and I decided to quit smoking on that date. With a little help from Dr Rob, and medical science we're still smoke free!

Today I thought it was about time to commemorate it. Here's the result...

This was a fun layout. I incorporated some Zentangles! I'm just a beginner, but zentangels are awesome, and fun!!

I've got one more Zentangle project I did recently. Lesson learned: practice the tangle before adding it to the finished product. Still this little box is just perfect for carrying my Zentangle kit!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Me, any day I get some scrap time is a good day!

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