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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Art Journal, page 1

I just finished the first page of my Art Journal, and wanted to share.

I fell in love with this stamp about 2 weeks ago. Went back to my LSS on Thursday to buy it. See, Daddy was a baker, and he used to recite this poem to me often. No doubt it was true, still, I was Daddy's little girl. All those years ago, and I can still hear him....

Come join in, there's a pile of folks working on the journals!! Click the link in the sidebar for more info.

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Rosie said...

Good morning, fellow-Balzeroligist!! How very inventive you are! I remember that rhyme too and have often said it to my own DD - who was horrid, more often than not, when it came to mind!!
Your first page is fab - we are on a heck of a journey aren't we? =)