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Friday, February 18, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing: ~Cricut Cartridge GIVEAWAY!~

I've been a big fan of Pinkys, for quite some time.

I''m sure if I had more time I could come up with tons of reasons I admire her. Here's just a few:

1. She has Pink hair, that shows me she's a true individual, and has guts!

2. She blogs and scraps from the heart. No topic seems to be out of bounds.

3. She's an amazingly crafty person. I wish I could get inside her head just for one day. Where's Spock when I need him?

4.She's so in love with her hubby, and loves her kids.

5. She must have a great grip on how to organize her time. She teaches classes, is on several design teams, blogs daily.

OK one strike against her.

She kicks my ass (and everyone else's) at Bejeweled on Facebook. I'm trying to figure out how she cheats. (Truthfully, I'm in awe.)

She's having a Cricut Cartrige giveaway this week. She has giveaways quite often. It would be nice to win it, but that's not the most important reason I'm posting this. I'm just so glad to be one of her followers, and want to share. Maybe you'll win. That would be cool too!

Go check her out. You'll be glad you did.

Much Ado About Nothing: ~Cricut Cartridge GIVEAWAY!~

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Pinky said...

bwhahaha!!!!!!! Oh garsh you are too sweet! :) I had to giggle at the last one, I was not expecting it! You know the friends I have met online through my blog, they are incredibly kind and when I read comments or see posts like this is truly encourages me to stay open and value the way I am. I am so blessed to have you blog about me. Thanks so much!

Theresa said...

Hi..just linked over here from Pinky's facebook page. I agree..she rocks. her mad skills really intimidate me, but her blog and design team work is awesome.

Julie said...

Your blog is really fun! I TOTALLY agree with everything you have stated about our dear Pinkie! What would we do without her?

Gloria said...

PINKY, you are just everyones love. You are my hero. Love ya girl.